Valmiera Olympic centre gift cards


One gift card – countless options, and without intermediaries! Buy a Valmiera Olympic Center gift card and make someone happy by giving them the opportunity to choose any of the services provided by the structural units of the Valmiera Olympic Center:

Owners of gift cards will be able to choose the way they prefer to use the gift: in winter, by choosing active recreation on the ice at one of the public skating events, in summer – by going on the Path in the Trees or the Barefoot Path, all year round – by enjoying the joys of water in the Valmiera swimming pool or exercising in the Power Zones of the Valmiera Olympic Center. For those who prefer a more peaceful vacation, the gift card will give you the opportunity to relax in the Valmiera swimming pool’s Recreation area, attend yoga or one of the massages or other body aesthetics services at the Sports Health Center. And these are only the most popular of the offers available with the Valmiera Olympic Center gift card!

Experience your victories! Over and over again.